Self-adhesive mounts X 100, 50mm X 50mm to store pen nibs

  • Description

    These are the ideal way to store your spare pen nibs. They are coin mounts with clear windows made of white card. The card on the inside of one side is self-adhesive so that, when folded and closed, the item inside, such as a pen nib, is safely stored away from atmosphere and yet clearly visible as if held in the hand and can be inspected.

    The central aperture is 39mm diameter and will suit all but the very largest nibs be they steel or gold. The closed mount is 50mm x 50mm, the same size as the old 35mm slides. The picture shows a Senior sized pen nib in a closed mount. The other shows the same closed mount but with further unused mounts.

    Sold in batches of 100 mounts.

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Categories: Fountain Pens, Nibs

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