WES White Book #1 Steel Nibs, Pen Holders and Quills

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    A collection of articles from the WES Journals from No.1 through to 99 covering Steel Nibs, Pen Holders and Quills. An A4 book of 309 pages, wire bound to lie flat, printed double-sided on 90gm paper with card and Acetate covers. Each page is reproduced at full size from its original Journal. Effort has been put into improving image quality. Some of the early Journal scans are less than what would be expected of later Journals. While every effort has been put into making this a complete record, no responsibility can be taken for any omissions! The Book price is £45 with a WES member concession reducing this to £20, P&P extra. To obtain the WES pricing and for overseas sales, please contact the WES Librarian directly by email at librarian@wesonline.org.uk.

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Categories: Dip Pens, Nibs, Other

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