WES Pen Tubes SMALL - 12 tubes

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    These square section translucent plastic tubes are labelled in blue with the Society's name and website. They have a ribbed inner which allows them to adjust from approx 137mm to 237mm. The inner section is minimum 17mm across and outer is 19 mm. They will hold a pen the size of a Conway Stewart 74 comfortably but a larger pen such as a Parker Duofold Senior Flat Top (1927) will only just slide into the outer part. For larger pens, see the listing for LARGE tubes. One of the images shows both tube sizes.

    It is a good idea to put a piece of cotton wadding or tissue into the ends for the pen to be protected and then close the container down to hold it without rattling.

    This sale is for 12 small tubes. See further options of 25 and 50 with a price advantage. Note that this smaller tube will fit with a simple padded envelope in the UK PO Large Letter postal rate. The larger tube will not.

    If you want a larger quantity, please contact librarian@wesonline.org.uk or call 0116 275 3310 so that postage can be combined and the most competitive method of sending is checked.

    Please also bear in mind that these tubes are also held at the WES Table at Shows in the UK. If you ask ahead of time, yours can be packed ready for you to collect and pay for there. If you want several then you can be sure of receiving yours without depleting the table stock.

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