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    The WES Jounal binder is good quality with gold blocked titling on the spine. It with hold around 12 Journals bearing in mind that the earlier ones were slimmer than current. They are held without damaging them by a wire that runs down the centre of the journal and then is retained at either end in the binder.

    While this listing is for one, if you want several, please contact librarian@wesonline.org.uk or call 0116 275 3310 so that postage can be combined and the most competitive method of sending is checked.

    Please also bear in mind that these binders are also held at the WES Table at Shows in the UK. If you ask ahead of time, yours can be packed ready for you to collect and pay for there. If you want several then you can be sure of receiving yours without depleting the table stock.

    All past copies of the WES Journal can be supplied although some of them are copies from the Librarian master set. They are available as hardcopy but individual electronic copies can also be provided. We have yet to load the pages that will allow website purchase of Journals. Bear in mind that the Librarian will consider a discount for orders of several Journals and it is even possible to supply a complete set to date already put into binders.

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