WES Booklets - All Three. ‘Ensuring Your Collection is Safe’, ‘Disposing of Your Collection’ & ‘Do You Want It Repaired or Restored?’

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    WES has published three booklets as follows:

    ‘Ensuring Your Collection is Safe’, sent out with Journal 94, Summer 2012
    ‘Disposing of Your Collection’, sent out with Journal 97, Summer 2013
    ‘Do You Want It Repaired or Restored?’, sent out with Journal 102, Spring 2015

    The first, 'Ensuring ...' has now been updated and a four page addendum will be included. The third, "Do You Want It ...' has recently been reprinted as original spares had run out.

    If you want these singly, then can be purchased in the shop as such. This purchase is for all three (including the Addendum to the first).

    WES gratefully acknowledges sponsorship from Dreweatts Bloomsbury Auctions in the production of the second and third booklets.

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