WES Booklet 'Ensuring Your Collection is Safe'

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    This is the first of three booklets that the Society has produced. It was sent out to members with Journal 94, Summer 2012.

    In 16 pages it covered Theft, Fire and Household Insurance together with further information on Simple Precautions for Your Home, Forensic Marking Fluid and an explanation of house alarm systems. Under insurance, advice is given on how to list your collection. Since the booklet was published in 2012, two aspects have moved on significantly. The first is that thieves have learnt to defeat the simple Euro lock fitted to most houses with UPVC or composition doors and the second is that the technology around domestic CCTV has advanced using wifi connection to household router and domestic phones.

    An addendum has been produced bringing these two topics up to date along with other information on resisting burglary. The addendum will be included with the booklet when ordered.

    WES members who would like the addendum to go with their own copies of the booklet can obtain it for free by sending in a stamped addressed A5 envelope. Please email librarian@wesonline.org.uk for a copy.

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