WES Booklet 'Do You Want It Repaired or Restored'

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    This is the third WES Booklet sent out to members with Journal 102 in Spring 2015. Collectable writing equipment may well have undergone repair. This might have been simple servicing, perhaps with the replacement of a rubber sac, or more extensively with donor parts since manufacturers' original spares are often exhausted. In some cases, this can be done easily or even sympathetically but some repairers are faced with the task of understanding not only what is best but how to meet the expectations of the item's owner. It is a vexed subject for which there are no easy answers!

    In 24 pages, in covers definitions, good restoration practice, practical advice, some restoration topics and processes together with four practical case studies.

    It has been a popular topic. Spare copies of the booklet were exhaused and the Society has undertaken a reprint.

    WES gratefully acknowledges sponsorship of this booklet by Dreweatts Bloomsbury Auctions. It helped to cover design and production costs.

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