WES DVD - WES AGM 2015 'The Mighty Parker Duofold'

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    The Writing Equipment Society recorded this address at the Society's AGM on 21st November 2015. Geoff Parker, Great Grandson of GS Parker, gave a keynote speech in which he described Dave Ruderman's contribution to the Parker Pen Company over a period of 35 years until his retirement in 2011.

    Dave has contributed to every Parker Pen productsince the 25 model, starting as Development Technician and finishing as Director of Heritage Products. At the AGM he described perhaps his biggest achievement - the modern Parker Duofold. Here it is - in full!

    This DVD is ©WES and no part of it may be copied, reproduced in any form, publically broadcast or used in any information storage or retrieval system without the express written authority of the Writing Equipmet Society and author(s).

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