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Editorial Process and Editorial Cut-off dates for WES Journals 2024

Editorial Process

We are keen to ensure that any articles we publish in the WES Journal have been through our editorial process.

Currently, this consists of the following steps:

  • Article(s) submitted to Editor – initial copy editing carried out by Editor for spelling, grammar and clarity. If necessary, Editor will go back to contributor with any queries at this stage
  • Article(s) submitted to internal WES Proof-reading team. Queries raised will be discussed with contributor
  • Where appropriate or possible, fact-checking will take place with appropriate “experts” in the field
  • When article(s) are ready for submission to the WES Journal Designer, article proof(s) will be sent to contributor for approval and final sign-off

It is important, therefore, that time is allowed for the editorial process to take place which is why editorial cut-off dates are necessary. If further time is needed to work on an article, the Editor will discuss with the contributor whether it could be held over for inclusion in a future Journal, or, if long, be split up over more than one Journal.

Editorial Cut-off dates for WES Journals 2024

If you would like to submit an article to be published in the WES Journal, please be aware of the following editorial cut-off dates:

  • JOURNAL 127: 1-2024 - 15th March 2024

  • JOURNAL 128: 2-2024 - 28th June 2024

  • JOURNAL 129: 3-2024 - 18th October 2024

Need more help?

We have put together some guidelines called “Contributing Made Easy” which can be accessed by clicking the button above and will help to answer any questions you may have regarding writing and submitting articles for the Journal.

Please contact our Interim Journal Editor, Chris Lewis, with any ideas that you might have. You can send an email to editor@wesonline.org.uk in the first instance.


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