Eugenio Project

Eugenio Project

WES has been aware over the years of the difficulties that both WES members and families of past members have had in finding a new home for a much loved collection of writing equipment. This has been done informally in the past and we wrote the booklet ‘Disposing of Your Collection’ back in 2013 as a guide. Every WES member of the day received a copy of the booklet with Journal 97. It has received positive comment and remains available to purchase through the Shop on our WES website.

Your WES Council has recently returned yet again to the topic following a request made by the family of a past member. The Society’s support proved to be both useful and a great comfort. Council has decided to extend the service. Any member or family of a past member can now request advice on how they might approach disposal of a writing equipment collection and select from the options available to them and in a way that fits in with the skills they have.

If you would like to discuss how you can use this service, please contact the Society Chair by emailing After this initial contact and with mutual agreement the Chair will help you take steps that you and he agree together.

This service is a no-charge benefit of WES membership. Please be aware that the Society does not buy writing equipment but does provide a facility for members to sell it through ‘Member Sales’ in its website shop.

This advice service is provided on a ‘best efforts’ basis. Neither the Society nor those acting for the Society can accept any liability for consequences of advice or following the advice given in the project.

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