Christmas Message from WES Chairman

My friends and colleagues

I offer you my sincere apologies for once again letting you down. I am currently not healthy enough to produce a Christmas bumper edition of the Journal, however we are lucky enough to have Dr. Jim Marshall volunteer to edit the upcoming Journal. Jim has always submitted really interesting pieces for previous journals and I’m certain that he will come to my rescue once again. Jim is also publishing several books so please expect some delay on the next issue especially as he was asked to step in at the last minute.

Your Council has once again been busily working away in the background on your behalf and following the success of the online AGM we are working towards a series of online ‘show and tell’ meetings. The new member mentoring system is about to get started early in 2021. In the meantime our latest idea the ‘White Book Project’ is looking to be a greater success than we had hoped and we are only about halfway through the exercise so far. WES members that missed out on journals earlier in the year received a copy of White Book 2C together with Journal 117. White Book 2D which covers fountain pen articles from Journals 75 to 94 is expected to be back from the printers and available for purchase in mid-January. People who took the earlier White Book 2B have been circulated to pre-order White Book 2D. If you are not amongst those and wish to order White Book 2D, please email or phone +44 (0)118 275 3310. This will help us size the print run and you will be invoiced when the books arrive. All past White Books are available from stock. To be clear – they are available to send overseas at direct request but the WES Shop can only work out inland postal rates.

Another one of our projects which has been successful for a number of years carries on in these trying times, the WES Pen Repair Classes Project.

The Face-to-Face (F2F) classes were put on hold as we went into lockdown in March but two very well attended webinar series have been completed during 2020. See the WES website for more detail, also written up for Journal 118. This is advance notice of our intention to get F2F classes back underway during late 2021 by which time everyone should be Covid safe. Another webinar series is also planned. A note will go out to refresh the current list of interested people but otherwise please email or phone +44()) 118 275 3310 if you wish to be added.

Until next time my friends and colleagues have a very Happy Christmas and an excellent New Year.

My very best wishes