How would you categorise this fountain pen?

Hello folks, I need a little help with identification.

My pen is a deep pink colour, marbled pattern and looks and feels like one of those Conway Stewart pens made of casein some years ago.

Along the barrel, it says


and underneath that it says


and underneath that it says


The cap, however, has a “gold-coloured” pocket clip of the type that appears to have been hammered on as an afterthought. This is actually loose and may not be original because it says Kolber along its length. As far as I can ascertain, Kolber is/was a German company.

And, the nib, “IRIDIUM TIPPED FINE U.S.A.” it proclaims.

Quite a cosmopolitan mongrel, it might seem but for further intrigue it has a (presumably) previous owner’s name engraved near the Pilot statement on the barrel.

I hesitate to actually type it into a (semi) public forum but Google told me there is a professor of that name in an Indian company and gave his email address. Of course, even though I wrote an excessively polite email to the address, there has been no response.

So, fellow members of the WES, how do I categorise this pen? Cataloguing my collection has not been easy but this one is trying me.

I love the pen, it has a certain beauty. But it frustrates.


  • Further to the above (I was hoping to hear from someone) I need to have it serviced by a professional who understands vintage fountain pens. Does anyone have a recommendation as to who I should approach for restoration/refurbishment?


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