Victorian Portable Bone and Horsehair Nib Brush


I’ve come across this nib brush. I believe it to be Victorian or earlier, made of bone and horsehair. Apart from this I cannot find out any more about it.

Any more general or specific information regarding this portable nib brush would be greatly received. The brush is 3” closed and 5 1/2” assembled for use.



  • I'm not an expert on nib brushes, but the ones I've seen have very stiff bristles. Maybe they were designed to be stiff so they'd brush light rust and dried ink off steel nibs? If this brush is a writing accessory, could it be for brushing the pounce powder off the page once it had dried the ink? Just a guess as I've only ever seen it blown off the paper. Hope someone can offer a more authoritative suggestion. Good luck.

  • Hi

    Many thanks for your comments. You make a very valid point regarding the brush stiffness. The bristles on this nib brush are very soft so probably are more suited to brushing the pounce powder as you suggest.

    I wonder if rather than a nib brush there is another name for it?


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