Pen Repair - Jim Marshall, Laurence Oldfield


Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of the above book - 4th Edition would be good.

Alternatively, if any member has a copy for sale please message me with details.



  • Hi Dotian,

    There are many places you can buy the book online but probably the most obvious is Laurence Oldfield's own website would be the first to try. I have found the book very useful and the best IMO for general pen repairs. I've also bought many of his pen tools and always been more than happy with them (I have no connection other than being a satisfied customer).

    Good luck with the search

  • Dotian,

    After such a glowing report I forgot to add Laurence's web address

  • Hi Judo

    Many thanks for the info, I’ve just emailed Laurence to order his book.

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