The Improved Post Fountain Pen

Hi All

I’ve just acquired the CS “The Improved Post” fountain pen. (Tried to upload photos without success)

My research shows it was released in 1906 and described as The “improved Post self filling, self cleaning, non -leakable” (syringe filler) pen.

Apart from that I can found out little else so any further info - how it works (what is the little piston used for?) etc. would be much appreciated.



  • Hi Ian

    Please send the photos to me and I’ll try posting them for you.


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    “The Improved Post” fountain pen.

    The filling post is a simple syringe style filler and is currently in the empty position. It needs to be withdrawn to suck up ink. If it doesn’t want to move, it is likely that it is stuck with dried ink. If you can remove the nib and feed, then you should be able to put water in the section, which might help to free it. If not, then the only option is to leave the nib and section to soak overnight to try to free it up.

  • Ah, that answers the question I had. The syringe is definitely stuck - it doesn’t extend any further than shown in the photograph. I’ll try soaking the nib and section overnight to see if that helps.

    Thanks for the advice.


  • Success - nib and section soaked overnight and now the syringe opens and closes.

    Happy days 😀

  • Hi Dotian, I noticed you were looking for information on The Improved Post Fountain pen. Called the Post filling system due to the patent 510.145 In 1893 by Woodruff Post.

    It may be worth just putting that into google for more information. I’d imagine the ‘Improved’ version is very similar but still keeps the ‘Post’ name.

    I’d be interested if anyone else has anything to add to this as I have recently acquired a similar (although pretty sure it’s not an 1893 version) of this filling system.

  • Hi Fluffywhitecloud

    Many thanks for this nugget of information. I’ve managed to acquire a copy of Steve Hull’s Conway Stewart pen which contains several pages covering the The Improved Post Pen which is described as their first pen. Apparently this version of the Post has the barrel imprint on two lines - THE IMPROVED POST PEN / PATENTED APRIL 1901. The Improved Post pen was claimed to be non-leakable (because there was no joint between the section and barrel). It also seems that CS were not the manufacturers - The pen possibly being made in America. It is also possible that the pens were made by George Shand Ltd for Conway Stewart.

    With regard to your recent acquisition I guess the clue as to whether or not it is the 1893 version lies in the area of whether there is a joint or not between the section and barrel as mentioned above.

  • Thanks for the update Dotian, I’ll look into that, but pretty sure it has a joint there...

    if the CS version doesn’t have a joint, how do you knock the feed and nib out? A longer drift?

  • Morning Fluffywhitecloud

    I’m afraid I’m a fountain pen collector “newbie” so couldn’t answer your question with confidence. Hopefully somebody else within WES will be able to help - I’ll be interested to know the answer myself.

  • I’m pretty new to this too, well, the vintage collecting side of it.

    I hope you enjoy your new found FP hobby. 😁

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