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I‘m currently making some drawers to hold my ever growing collection of fountain pens. I’m trying to find a UK source of trays to go inside the drawers. There are suppliers in the USA (see photos). If anyone knows where I can get hold of these here in the UK it would be much appreciated.



  • Have you spoken to Nigel he is in the business with Hamilton pens

  • Hi bobp

    Many thanks for your suggestion - I know Nigel so will certainly give him a call. Thanks again for the heads up.


  • Hi Dotian

    Heres another lead. Canson Craft Corrugated Rolled Gold fom Fred Aldous. They hve shops in Manchester and Leeds.

    Good luck and stay safe


  • Thanks again Bob 😀

  • Hi Dotian,

    I imported some trays from Garry at Gopens in the US when I was converting my drawers for holding my pen collection. I bought some extra ones with the aim of selling some to split the costs of transport etc. so let me know if you if you're interested. I've sold some but have a number left. They are all mid-blue in colour. See photos attached

  • Hi Judo

    They look good - could you let me have the dimensions so I can see if they would fit?


  • I looked around the UK for suppliers of this type of tray for about 12 months and couldn't find any so had to import them from the States. The trays are about 16.5" x 12" with 24 slots (room for 2 pens in each slot). All are bright blue as in the photos and vacuum-formed, flock covered plastic which protects the surface finish of the pens. As I was importing to the UK I bought some extra ones to try spread the costs of postage, import duty etc. The trays are those shown on and can be easily cut to size with scissors or a craft knife. Mine was a one-off purchase from the States and I won't be re-ordering when they've gone. I'm just a private pen collector with some extra trays not a professional dealer. Let me know how many you want. I've been selling them at 5 trays for £40 + postage (at cost).

  • Thanks for letting me know that the trays have arrived and fit your box. It'd be great if you can post pictures of the finished box .

  • Hi Judo

    Pen box finally oiled and waxed. Your trays fit perfectly, in fact I’ve been able to convert my original design to incorporate a double deck layout.

    Photos attached.

  • Hi Dotian,

    Thanks for posting the photos, the box looks ideal for your pen collection. I'm not an expert by any means, but the joints look really tight. PS. the tools in your workshop look very well organised. Makes my garage look like a jumble sale.

  • Hi Dorian,

    You have been told about Gary in the US, he is a WES member, and I have bought trays from him a couple of times. He has been a regular visitor to the autumn show in London, though was not there last year. I contacted him and he brought the trays to the Show for me. I’ve not made a box for the trays. The trays cut easily with a good pair of scissors and then have many extra uses fitting to individual boxes and cabinets.

  • Hi yolpencils

    Many thanks for the info. I’ve managed to buy a quantity of the trays from fellow WES member judo which should keep me going for the foreseeable future. By the time I run out hopefully the Pen Shows will be back up and running so maybe I can ask Gary to bring me some more over from the US.

    Thanks again

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