Buying Chinese Pens from source

Hello, I am new to WES and new to the Discussion Forum, so my apologies if this has been discussed before!

Having read Ian Williamson's excellent article in the December Journal "Low Cost Fountain Pens", I would like to order one of those mentioned.

I have two concerns when considering placing an order direct with a Chinese Supplier. When looking on eBay I note that: One, the lead time between order and delivery seems quite long. Two, in the "small print" it says that extra tariffs may be levied!

In the experience of WES members, who have ordered inexpensive pens direct from China, is the delivery time reasonable and do you get the pen for the price you pay initially on eBay or does what appears to be a cheap pen end up substantially more expensive?

I appreciate that it is possible to source some Chinese pens from within the UK, but many you appear to need to order from source.

Many Thanks,


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