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About Jeremy Collingridge OBE

Jeremy is a retired Chartered Mechanical Engineer and worked with gas turbines at Alstom Aerospace until he retired as Business Manager in 2007. Alongside his business responsibilities, he initiated and ran the Company’s security programme for many years.

He started collecting pens in 1998 on a working placement in the US and joined the Society on his return to the UK. For the Society, he has been our Librarian since 2002 where has championed digitisation. As well as building the WES Library, he is a regular contributor to our Journal and produced the WES booklets covering Ensuring Your Collection is Safe, Disposing of Your Collection and Do You Want It Repaired or Restored?. He has also been the production and distribution of our five WES DVDs.

His love of pens together with his engineering skills and a push from Ian Williamson led to setting up the WES Pen Repair Classes in 2009 with David Wells as a fellow tutor (David has now handed over to Ray Walters).

He is also Charles Hanson’s Auctions Writing Equipment Specialist.

He has been an advocate for voluntary activity all his life. In the 1980s he was National Chair of Myalgic Encephalomyelits Assn (charity) as it grew from 200 to 12,000 in 18 months. He is also a Police Support Volunteer chairing the local Blaby Local Policing Unit volunteer group over period when it won the National Ferrers Police Volunteer Team award four times in five years. In 2014 he moved to Leicestershire Police Force Headquarters where he is building police volunteer teams to give an advice service to victims of burglary. Alongside domestic burglary, he led Police Volunteer initiatives to produce ‘Protecting Church Lead’ and ‘Protect your Allotment’, both nationally circulated.

Ian and Jeremy started UK Pen Shows in 2007 and are now delivering six shows a year across the UK. WES members currently get free entry to the shows!

Jeremy was awarded the OBE in 2017 for ‘Services to Volunteering in Leicestershire’.


Librarian/Archivist for the Society

Lead on WES Corporate Membership

Admin and a tutor for the WES Pen Repair Classes

Lead on the WES Webinar series


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